Scope 1-2-3 Carbon Accounting

Scope 1-2-3 Carbon Accounting

As a modern business, tracking your carbon emissions is essential. With our Carbon Accounting service, we take the burden off your organization while ensuring you comply with the most stringent regulations. With our Carbon Dashboard, we provide detailed insight into the impact of your operations, enabling your organization to take big steps toward net zero emissions.

Why you need Carbon Accounting

The concept of carbon accounting has become an indispensable part of modern business. Carbon accounting is a crucial tool for mapping a company's carbon footprint. This can be relevant to your organization for a number of reasons.

Regulation and compliance: The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires companies to report on the impact of business activities on the environment. Detailed information on CO2 impacts is an essential part of this.

Changing market requirements: Sustainability performance is becoming increasingly important to investors. A low carbon footprint makes companies more attractive for investments, and increasingly provides a competitive advantage in tenders.

Branding: Consumers and employees are placing increasing value on sustainability. Transparency about climate impacts strengthens the corporate image, and attracts environmentally conscious customers and employees.

Net-zero ambitions: Good carbon accounting is important for identifying specific opportunities for emissions reductions. It is also the basis for setting realistic targets for emissions reductions, which is essential for the transition to net zero emissions.

In conclusion, reliable carbon accounting is not only important with regard to laws and regulations, but also a strategic tool for sustainable growth and positioning in the market.

Scope 1-2-3 Support

The most important part of Carbon Accounting is the assessment of Scope 1-2-3 impacts. Performing Scope 1-2-3 calculations correctly can seem very complex at first. Therefore, we support the entire process through the Dispersed Carbon Accounting Dashboard.

First, we facilitate correct data collection in an efficient manner. We guarantee that the calculations are then performed according to the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. So you never worry about the accuracy of Scope 1-2-3 calculations again. Finally, our Carbon Accounting Dashboard is ISO14064-certified, which means you can be confident that your reports meet the strictest requirements for CSRD compliance.


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Carbon Accounting Dashboard

The results of your Scope 1-2-3 assessment are presented in the Dispersed Carbon Accounting Dashboard. Here you will find a clear overview of your organization's Scope 1-2-3 impacts.

Based on these insights, we advise on setting realistic reduction targets. We do this in line with the principles of the Science-based Targets Initiative (SBTi). Next, we propose pragmatic and realistic scenarios for reducing the impacts of your organization.

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