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Our LCA-experts give insight into the environmental impacts of your products or services. We then create a pragmatic reduction strategy to guide your company towards its net-zero goals. This is how Dispersed makes your sustainable ambitions a reality.

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We turn sustainable ambitions into a reality

Impact Assessment

Understanding your impacts is the first step toward becoming more sustainable. Our team of LCA experts identify your environmental impacts and CO2 footprint across the entire lifecycle. We do this for products, services, supply-chains, or your entire organization.

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Net-Zero Roadmap

With our net-zero roadmap, we outline a clear and strategic path to reduce your company's carbon emissions, committing you to global climate goals. In doing so, your company demonstrates itself as a leader in sustainability and climate action.

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Labeling and Certification

Is your organization looking to connect to existing and well-known sustainability labels and certificates, but not sure where to start? Let us guide you through the world of sustainability and relevant labels and certificates.

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Dispersed is CTOUCH's sustainable guide, both strategically and tactically. Since 2018, CTOUCH has been working with Dispersed to realize our sustainable ambition: To become the most sustainable manufacturer in our market by 2025. With this, CTOUCH embraces a social duty and at the same time adds value to the CTOUCH proposition. This is how CTOUCH achieves a sustainable business model, in which sustainability improvements are implemented throughout the entire supply chain. CTOUCH cannot do this alone.

Remmelt van der Woude - CEO, CTOUCH

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