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CTOUCH Sustainability Strategy

CTOUCH offers interactive touchscreen displays for the educational and business markets, and has the ambition to become the most sustainable touchscreen supplier in Europe. This means that sustainability plays an important role in CTOUCH's business operations. This motivated CTOUCH to think about the positioning of sustainability within the mission and vision of the company.

By means of tailored advice, we worked together with CTOUCH to develop a structured mission and vision. This clearly shows the various core values of the of the company; Customer Engagement, Safe & Secure, Future Proof, Sustainability. With these 4 core values CTOUCH wants to contribute to promote happiness through extraordinary interactive experiences and knowledge exchange. We then worked out a workable sustainability strategy together with CTOUCH. In this strategy, the goal was set to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% and to increase circularity by 25% by 2025.


All this has been worked out in a Sustainability Whitepaper. A complete report with an overview of the mission & vision, the goals set, and the approach that we have drawn up. This enabled us to make the step from 'Customised Advice' to 'Getting down to work' together, in order to actually give substance to the sustainable ambitions of CTOUCH's and get off to a flying start!

Want to know more? Take a look at CTOUCH's website for more information about the strategy or feel free to contact us for a contact us for a cup of coffee and to discover the possibilities of tailored advice.