Our Mission

Dispersed is your partner in Life Cycle Assessment and Impact Reduction. Our singular mission is to guide businesses towards a sustainable future. By leveraging the power of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), we uncover hidden environmental impacts, set emission reduction goals, and implement strategies that combine environmental consciousness with smart business decisions. This is how we work towards achieving a net-zero emission future.

Our Vision

The key to a sustainable future lies in the combination of scientific rigor, collaboration and pragmatic solutions. At Dispersed, we believe in taking an integrated approach to realizing a sustainable future. Through our LCAs, we make environmental impacts transparent, after which we identify the best strategies for impact reduction. However, our approach goes beyond just writing fancy reports. To truly achieve a sustainable future, we commit to collaborating with our partners to find pragmatic solutions.

Meet the Team

Complex challenges require the commitment of a dedicated team. At Dispersed we are united by a shared passion for creating a more sustainable world. Finding solutions to your sustainability challenges is what we love, and we strive to make a meaningful impact every day. Our strength lies in the diversity and expertise of our team members. But Dispersed is more than just a team; we're a coalition of changemakers on a mission. Through our extensive network of sustainability professional, we synergize our strengths to always find the appropriate pragmatic solution for every challenge.