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Waste-to-energy plant

We have calculated the environmental impact of a Dutch waste-to-energy plant by means of an LCA. A waste-to-energy plant is a unique facility for processing waste. Waste materials are converted into energy through incineration. The energy is subsequently used to produce a wide range of energy carriers, such as electricity, steam, compressed air, and hot water. In this way, waste that cannot be reused is given a useful application.

Environmental Product Declaration

Based on our LCA , we drafted an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the plant's primary product: steam. An EPD is a document that communicates the results of the LCA in a clear and concise way. An EPD is independently reviewed and certified. We are currently awaiting the results of the certification process. When the certification is complete, the EPD will be shared on this page.

Complex multifunctionality

Waste processing is a multi-purpose process. This means that a single process produces multiple end-products. This makes determining the environmental impacts for individual products very complex. Due to our expertise and extensive knowledge of LCA standards, we can even identify the environmental impacts of these multifunctional processes.