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Sloopcheck is a pioneer in the field of recycling used wooden products from demolished buildings. By giving wooden products a second life, Sloopcheck stands at the forefront of promoting recyclability and contributing to the circular economy. Their innovative approach not only diverts wood from waste streams, such as incinerators, but also transforms it into high-quality recycled products. Recognizing the importance of their mission, Sloopcheck partnered with us to conduct an LCA. The goal was to thoroughly understand the environmental impacts of their wood refurbishing processes, particularly focusing on identifying any steps that might contribute to avoidable climate impacts.

Navigating Biogenic Emissions

A unique challenge in this project was the accurate accounting of CO2 emissions from biogenic sources. The lifecycle of wood involves carbon uptake during its growth and potential biogenic carbon emissions during waste processing. This complexity required a nuanced approach to ensure that the environmental impacts were not unfairly attributed to Sloopcheck's processes.

Findings and Impact

Our team meticulously mapped the environmental lifecycle impacts of Sloopcheck's refurbishing operations. We delved into each stage of the process, from the initial collection of used wood to the final production of the recycled products. The results of our LCA provide Sloopcheck with a robust, scientific substantiation of their products' environmental benefits. This evidence is crucial for Sloopcheck to demonstrate the positive environmental impact of their recycled wood products to stakeholders. Our findings empower Sloopcheck to confidently assert the sustainability of their products, thereby accelerating their contribution to a circular economy.