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A large part of global emissions arise from the use of fossil and non-renewable energy sources: in production processes, business processes, and (international) supply chains. Making the global energy mix more sustainable is therefore a crucial precondition for reducing CO2 emissions and achieving climate targets.

This is why Dispersed has been working closely with Enerzien since 2020. Enerzien is an expert in the field of energy systems, sustainable generation and energy storage. In addition, Enerzien has extensive knowledge of the market and likes nothing better than to realise sustainable energy projects.

However, making energy consumption sustainable always starts with insight. This is where the Life-Cycle Assessment expertise of Dispersed comes in handy. Our LCAs create insight in energy consumption and identify opportunities for sustainability. Enerzien then works out the technical possibilities and business cases. In this way, we work together towards achieving a more sustainable energy mix.