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Dutch Environmental Database

Dutch Environmental Database

Environmentally conscious building is becoming increasingly important. But how do we know what the most sustainable choices are? The National Environmental Database (NMD) was created to provide an unambiguous calculation of the environmental performance of buildings.

The National Environmental Database consists of so-called product cards. These product cards exist for a wide range of building materials and building installations. The product cards contains all environmental information obtained from a life cycle analysis.

Using the NMD Calculation Method, the information from product cards is converted in a uniform way to an environmental performance index for buildings. In this way, the NMD supports conscious decision-making in relation to resource use, circularity, and climate-neutral construction.

Category 1, 2 and 3

In addition to the environmental performance, the product cards also contain general information about the product in question. The NMD distinguishes 3 types of product cards:

  • Category 1: Proprietary data from manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Category 2: Unbranded data (unbranded) from groups of manufacturers and/or suppliers and industries.

  • Category 3: Proprietary data (unbranded) from National Environmental Database Foundation.

Product card update

Since 2022, Dispersed has partnered with the NMD to keep its environmental database up to date. We use our LCA expertise to update existing product cards based on changing market dynamics. In this way, we ensure that the information in the NMD remains reliable, and that developers can make the right sustainable decisions for their construction projects.