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CTOUCH touchscreens

Europe's most sustainable touchscreens

CTOUCH produces interactive touchscreens for education and business users. CTOUCH's mission is to become the most sustainable producer of touchscreens in Europe. However, making electronic products sustainable is not a simple task. Due to complex and intransparent international supply chains, it is often difficult to achieve the desired impact reduction. Dispersed has been CTOUCH's primary partner in making its supply chain transparent, identifying its most important environmental impacts, and devising an effective reduction strategy

Life Cycle Assessment: insight into supply chains impacts

Dispersed worked closely with CTOUCH to gain more insight into its supply chain. We have created a detailed overview of the materials and production processes used. Based on this, we have conducted LCAs for over 10 different touchscreens since 2019. Our LCAs have identified the relevant environmental impacts of the entire CTOUCH life cycle: from production and transport, to use and end-of-life. We recorded these impacts in an interactive Sustainability Dashboard. This makes the results transparent and easy to communicate to customers and other stakeholders.

The CTOUCH Sustainability Dashboard by Dispersed
The CTOUCH Sustainability Dashboard by Dispersed

Reduction strategy

Based on the LCA results, we drafted a strategy for reducing CO2 emissions. Our LCA has shown that production and use stage of the touchscreen's lifecycles contribute most significantly to the life cycle impacts. In addition, our LCA showed exactly which materials, components and processes are responsible for these impacts. We use this information to reduce the lifecycle impacts of CTOUCH products in a targeted way.