Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment

Through Impact Assessments, we create insight into the environmental impacts of your product, service or organization. This serves as a crucial starting point for defining appropriate actions towards net-zero.

Company Footprint: Scope 1-2-3

Your road to net-zero emissions starts with understanding your climate impacts. Our Scope 1, 2, 3 assessment is a curial starting point for benchmarking the carbon footprint of your company. We help you identify the sources of CO2 emissions, including direct operations (Scope 1), purchased energy (Scope 2), and supply chains (Scope 3).

This detailed understanding of your carbon footprint helps you to define realistic reduction targets across your entire organization. It also serves as the ideal tool to measure your environmental impact across time, make data-driven decisions, and align your sustainability efforts with the pursuit of net-zero ambitions.

Product Footprint: Life Cycle Assessment

Our comprehensive Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) provide insight into the environmental impact of your products, according to internationally recognized methods. Our LCAs enable you to make conscious and informed sustainable decisions.

LCA Quickscan: Quick Insights with Pragmatic Actions

Choose an LCA Quickscan if you want fast and easy insights into the environmental impact of your product or service. This accelerated assessment provides direct estimates of the most important environmental impacts. Whether for product design, process modifications or service changes, the LCA Quickscan provides the essential information you need.

Full LCA: Comprehensive Understanding and Full Transparency

Our Full LCA goes one step further and provides in-depth analyses of the complete life cycle of your product. In accordance with international standards, a detailed report is produced, identifying all environmental impacts. This comprehensive overview enables you to make informed strategic decisions and integrate sustainability into all aspects of your operations.

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We comply with internationally recognized standards to ensure the quality of your Impact Assessment:

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